I am back in England for some days.This coming weekend I will minister in Wales/Bridgend.That is only a few hours away from where we live but its a very different place. I like Wales a lot. It has a tremendous spiritual heritage and people there are very friendly.Last weekend I was one of the speaker in an “Apostolic Conference” in Rinteln/Germany. We had a really good time there. People from all over Germany came and meetings went very well.
Theme was “From vision to reality” and I enjoyed sharing some insights and it was great to listen to the other sessions as well.
Pastor Sicko from Zagreb was one of the speakers and it was great to catch up with him again. I was so pleased to hear that he is back ministering in Sarajevo again and I am really looking forward to visit their again.We both have a history in that city.
Israel is being bombarded right now with missiles from Gaza. Lets pray for protection for Israel and its people.

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