It has been a really good week in Israel.Our meetings down at the Dead Sea went really well and peoples lives where touched and challenged.The weather was not really good but it was ok for me..I came to preach and to bless people.On my way up to the airport I had a lively conversation with my driver, an Arabic Israelite. He was a lovely guy. He talked positive about Israel for 2 hrs. He told me that he was blessed to live in Israel and that he taught his 8 children to love and to respect his nation.I think that he represent many Arabic people living in Israel..usually we just listen to the ones complaining.
Israel needs positive people that keep the focus on the good things…just like any other nation. If we want to we will find good and beautiful people in every nation as well as bad and negative people. Lets look for the good. Lets look for hope,faith and love.We will find it everywhere if we open our eyes. I could not help but give this driver a huge tip telling him to buy something nice to all his children.My flight is delayed but I am ok in Dan lounge relaxing preparing for the week to come.I just met a good friend from Tel Aviv and we where talking about a possible project for 2013…just wait and see. That will be something extra ordinary.

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