I am spending some days alone at home this week.
This does not happen very often. For me home is where Vivianne is. Our cat is here with me but that does not really help.
I have started to write another book this week and hopefully I will be disciplined enough to finish it this time.
Vivianne and I spent one day last week at “The Lake District” here in UK.
We had planned for 5 days but urgent things came up so we had to cancel the weekend. The day we spent there was very good though. It is an amazing place.
Seriously that is one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I have seen a lot in more than 60 nations but “Lake district” was outstanding.
England is a nation with so much beauty! If you never visited “Lake District” I recommend you to do so.
This coming week I am scheduled to speak at a Conference by the Dead Sea.
I am flying in to Israel this coming Monday and will spend a week preaching and teaching. I have not been in Israel now for some time and it will be exciting to come back. Israel have a special place in my heart.
Today there are some really serious threats against Israel from Iran. If Iran successfully proceeds with their production of Nuclear weapon than ,no one can be safe in this World especially not Israel. Lets pray that the “evil rulers” in Iran will fall.
The week after Israel I will speak in a “Apostolic Conference” in Rinteln/Germany together with my dear friend Pastor Sicko from Zagreb. I am looking forward to that Conference. I enjoy more and more to teach pastors and leaders. The word “Apostolic” has been used and in my opinion misused a lot over the years and I am looking forward to share my heart and insights regarding this.
Today we have +14C here in Fleet…that is not bad for February..
I am longing for summer to come. Talking about summer I would like to invite you to come to Faith Camp 2012! I really believe it will be something special. Thousands of people coming together to worship and exalt Jesus. I will be one of the speakers this year again. Hope to see you there. Check Kingdom Faith/Faith camp to get more information.

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