Whitney Houston is dead. I was really sad to hear that news. I remember a few years ago at Heathrow airport Vivianne and myself ended up in the same VIP check in area as her..she seemed friendly,down to earth and she had a charisma. She started singing in the Church…good old gospel songs.
I guess she made some bad choices in life and things did not turn out as many had hoped.My hope is that she now is back singing those gospel songs in heaven…God knows.
I love that good old gospel. I just arrived back from some intensive days in Germany where I preached non stop. We had a really good time. Many got saved and also people got healed. When you preach the gospel that the Bible is talking about you will have the results that the Bible is promising.
Sometimes I am really fed up talking with some Ministers about “new” “revelations” that God is giving in this time to the Church…a lot of it is not word based and definitely is not bringing forth the fruit that Jesus is talking about…rather confusion and spiritual pride. I do not think we need something “new”..we still have not fully understood the old that we already have been given .We already have the most relevant up to date message in the World. And it is the “power of God to salvation”. Lets continue to talk and sing that “Good old gospel” as long as we walk here in this World.
I am excited about this year 2012. Already we have seen many good things and more is to come.Lets stay simple,close to Jesus.Lets keep our hearts soft and open but focused and fixed to Jesus and His message.
Tomorrow I will go away with Vivianne for a few days to celebrate her birthday. Will be great for both of us.

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