Monday morning and I am still in Neuchatel. I am staying at a families house in a village in the mountain area outside Neuchatel.It is really beautiful outside but very,very cold. We have had some really good days in the church “Centre de Vie” and God have been so good to us. The church here is growing rapidly and have today 700 members which is a lot here in Switzerland. I like the attitude among the pastors and the way they approach the people. They have found a good balance between being “relevant” and true biblical and spiritual, meaning also give room for the Holy spirit to move in power and building real followers of Christ. That is not an easy job and can only be done led by The Holy Spirit I believe. I am encouraged and happy for what I have seen God do even this weekend. On the Saturday I spoke 2 sessions for the leaders and it was very appreciated. Saturday night I spoke to the Church about “The authority of the believer” and Gods spirit moved powerful that night. People got saved and healed and many testified for me after the service what God did. On Sunday morning I spoke about the “Church that Jesus is building” and Sunday night ” A life free from fear and intimidation”. I was told by the pastor that the messages was very timely and “prophetic” in to their situation right now and I trust he told me truth. God always knows what He is doing and it is great to be able to work with Him and to help and bless His church. To Him be the glory as always!!After the meeting my good friend Alain from Porrentruy came to visit and we talked a few hours.
I will now go the gym and than I will be taken to the airport in Basel and fly back home to England that is covered with snow…

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