The last month I have been spending quite sometime reading and teaching from John 1. It is an amazing chapter full of revelation and action. It is describing the transition time when John the Baptist was handing over to Jesus and how the first disciples got called by the Master. Why did they follow Jesus? Did He convince them, motivate them working hard to prove that He was the one. No…He simply spoke from His heart in to their hearts
3 words..come follow me…I am sure none of them really had a clue exactly where He would take them. Jesus represented someone that touched the deepest in their hearts and that could see further than what they where able to in that time. He was carrying a vision and a life that was oh so attractive and that met every need of life,adventure,spiritual desires that the disciples ever could dream of. Thats our Jesus still today and through our lives we are called to guide others to Him, through our Words and through our life example. We need leaders like that today! There is a generation today looking for someone that can see further than what they do…that can speak those words of truth from heart to heart.
Last week I spoke to students at Kingdom Faith Bible college…a wonderful bunch of students ready to change this World. This week I am leaving for Neuchatel where I will speak in a growing Church with hundreds of hungry people.

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