This month is already coming to an end.It has been a very good start of the year. I must say I am more energized at enthusiastic today than I have been for a long time. I just had lunch with Colin Urquart and that is always inspiring. He has so much to give to guys like myself. I enjoy spending time with people that are older than myself in the Lord and that have kept the fire and passion.I am teaching at Kingdom Faith Bible College this week and we have a really good time. It is great to be able to impart and influence the new Generation of believers in Europe and it is a bit scary to realise that soon I will be the “older generation”. I received an invitation some days ago to join the 50+ club somewhere….that is not me!!

I am still looking forward to the greater things that God have prepared for us!!

I saw yesterday that Greece is renting out Akropolis in Athens to people that want to use it…I tried to rent that theatre once but it was not possible…now you can rent for £1100:-/day!! What are we waiting for???That is one of the most prestigious stages in the World…just imagine preaching the gospel there!! Times of changes and opportunities is coming in Europe. We better be ready.

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