Gothenburg is located at the west coast of Sweden. It is the second largest city in Sweden. I have always liked this city. I arrived here yesterday and the reason for my visit is to help Deborah to move in to her new apartment. She will study at the university here for 5 years.It is always a strange feeling to leave your children in a new place face new challenges.
I know and believe that this is absolutely the right step for her to take.
She will study Psychology and after 5 years she will have a good education that will give her a platform in this World from where she will be able to have influence. I am happy for her.
Last weekend I ministered in Hatfield. We had a good time.I really enjoy teaching/preaching the Word right now. I always do…but 2012 it feels even more exciting.When I am back in UK I will go to Kingdom Faith/Horsham and I will teach in the Bible college.
If you want to treat yourself with a good movie…go and see “Iron Lady”.
Vivianne and I did so last week. We loved it!

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