I have just arrived back from a weekend of ministry in Heidelberg. The Church “Die Taube” where hosting the Conference and delegates came from all over Germany,France,Switzerland,Belgium and Austria. It was a blessed time and the anointing of God moved powerfully in the meetings.It is such a joy to minister when people are hungry and open for God. I have found a good friend in Pastor Pierrout ,a great brother that leads the work in Heidelberg and that God is using in many places over the World.
I spoke in 7 meetings this weekend. A good start 2012 and I feel inspired and motivated. This week I will go to Hatfield,just north of London and will minister there on Friday-Sunday.
Tomorrow I will see the film “Iron Lady” together with Vivianne. I remember 1989 when I met the “Iron Lady”(Margaret Thatcher) right after the Velvet revolution at the Vaclav square in Prague. She was and is an impressive person….Europe would need a few of that kind right now I guess.

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