Gothenburg is located at the west coast of Sweden. It is the second largest city in Sweden. I have always liked this city. I arrived here yesterday and the reason for my visit is to help Deborah to move in to her new apartment. She will study at the university here for 5 years.It is […]


I like England.We have been here for 8,5 years now and I am still falling in love with the variety of history,culture and mixture of people in this amazing nation. Over the years we have been blessed to be able to visit so many different places here…I have been preaching in all kinds of churches. […]

Heidelberg event

I have just arrived back from a weekend of ministry in Heidelberg. The Church “Die Taube” where hosting the Conference and delegates came from all over Germany,France,Switzerland,Belgium and Austria. It was a blessed time and the anointing of God moved powerfully in the meetings.It is such a joy to minister when people are hungry and […]