I am on my my last ministry trip this year. It has been a blessed year where we have seen God do wonderful things in many of the places where we as a ministry have been working. I am pleased to know that whatever we do by faith with a pure heart for Him make a difference in this World. We are not working with a “short term” project. We work and minister with eternity in mind. I like result and this year many have been saved and healed and I have received testimonies about Churches that have been revived and multiplied, families have been restored. That is so wonderful to hear. I met a young man the other week that just came out of prison and he gave me a hug and thanked me for my book(In His Majesty’s service” and cd:s that someone had given to him and that kept him alive and strong in God while he served time in prison. I was so blessed to hear that. All glory to Jesus!
Yesterday I preached in Hanover. We had a blessed time and today I will speak in Rinteln, 2 meetings. Subjects today will be: “The life and calling of Nathanael “and “Lamenting Worship”….sounds interesting?
I am excited to share this.
My good friend Thomas will translate.

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