Tomorrow Croatia have election. Most probably the present government will have to go. Prime minister; Jadranka Kosor(on picture) is not very much appreciated here. We saw her and a few of her ministers in a Restaurant the other day. I wanted to go and greet her but Sicko did not want. She know about the Church here in Zagreb and over Croatia and they have taken a position against what the Church is doing.The present government is very influenced by the Catholic institution here in Croatia and as a result they fight against the Full Gospel Churches.They are also struggling with corruption and the former Prime minister, from same party escaped the Country because of corruption. He was arrested in Austria is now in prison. Next Government to come is probably better, it seems like Labour will win tomorrow. We are having a good time here. I enjoy worshipping God and ministering the Word here.New people come to know Jesus in every meeting and Church is strengthened. Tonight I will preach in a city;Varazdin and tomorrow morning in Sisak and again tomorrow afternoon here in Zagreb.

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