Muslims receiving Jesus.

Joel(son) and Caroline(Joel’s girlfriend) came to us yesterday. It is such a joy to have them around a few days. Tomorrow evening we will visit London HTB. I was very tired after my last ministry trip and it is great to have some time to regain strength and enjoy time with family. Picture is from […]

Croatia and the Gospel

 Tomorrow Croatia have election. Most probably the present government will have to go. Prime minister; Jadranka Kosor(on picture) is not very much appreciated here. We saw her and a few of her ministers in a Restaurant the other day. I wanted to go and greet her but Sicko did not want. She know about the […]

Flower square

 I have favourite spots in quite a few cities over the World. This is one of them;Flower square in Zagreb. Pastor Sicko is standing in front of a statue on the same place where we had our first evangelistic breakthrough meetings 25 years ago. You can read about it my book “In His Majesty’s service”. […]