This morning I left home early to arrive at Heathrow in time..suspected that the “strike” would affect even us departing UK today. I was so wrong though. Heathrow was so quite and it took me 2 minutes to pass through security check. I arrived in Zagreb some hours later. It is always a great joy to come here and to meet my good old friend Pastor Sicko. We have known each other since 1986 when we met in a Pizza restaurant in Dubrovnik. I was there for a mission and he was a chef in the restaurant…since that time we have been friends ministering all over former Yugoslavia together having seen many miracles in this region and since many years Sicko is heading up “Rijec Zivota” a Church network in Croatia with the mother church in Zagreb. It is today a large fast growing network of Churches that are reaching the entire nation with the Full Gospel message.
I will be speaking here this week and I expect God to do extraordinary always.
Last night I was speaking in my home town Fleet. I was invited to Fleet Baptist Church and it was great to meet the young people there. 4 people responded to the call to salvation and many where touched by Gods power. I was very encouraged to see the hunger for God in those young people.
UK have been in strike today….
Probably that strike led to nothing but a lot of extra costs that in the end would have to be paid by us taxpayers…so thank you Union leaders for that initiative. UK-Iran are having diplomatic conflicts. That is good news, I think. Iran is playing a dangerous game that they will have to loose in the end. Lets pray that the underground movement together with the underground church in Iran will increase in power and number. I am also following the election in Egypt and unfortunately it seems like the radical Muslims will win there as well..same that happened in Tunisia and Morocco…not a very good development.
Jesus is Lord though…everywhere.

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