I met up with a very good friend yesterday,Andy .We talked a long time about life and the Kingdom of God. One thing that we discussed was the existence or non existence of hell. This is a very hot issue among some pastors and priests today. Andy and I probably share the same view; It would be great if there was no hell but I guess we do not have the authority or power to eliminate hell’s existence even if our intention would be only good and very human. I am convinced that we as human beings will live for ever somewhere. I am convinced about the truth about heaven and the truth about hell. I wish no one except for the devil to go there and that’s why I keep telling people that Jesus is the way to the Father and through Him is the only way to heaven. I do not condemn anyone to hell. That is not my job..praise God. I really hope that many that I do not expect to come to heaven will end up there. I know that God is a good God and I trust that whatever He does will be 100% just and fair. Will Muslims, Buddhists and people from other religions go to heaven? Well Jesus is the way the life and the truth.. Lets do what we can to give the life of God through Jesus to as many people as possible.The Bible says that Jesus went to the Kingdom of death/hell when He died on the cross 2000 years ago so that we should not have to go there.

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