I arrived back early this morning. It was fog at Heathrow airport and many flights where canceled including mine from Frankfurt. It was a real fight until I finally could cross the border to UK.2-3000 passengers was standing, waiting to go through passport control with only two counters open… Thank God for “Iris-registration”.. Weekend in Mannheim and Speyer went really good. On the Saturday and Sunday I spoke to Church “Word of Faith” in Speyer.I really like the people there. They have succeeded to reach out the young people in the city and have developed a marvelous youth Church. I spoke on a special event they had and I guess 100 young people from outside church/ non christian attended the event. Some of them belonged to the criminal gang in Speyer. It was such a joy to preach the Gospel to them and to see young people respond and receive Jesus as their Lord. If we as a Church present a radical true gospel than people will listen and they will receive. On the Saturday I spoke to leaders all day and on Sunday morning I spoke in the Church celebration. We saw new people receive Jesus on that meeting,what a joy!
This week I will be busy with office work and I will meet up with Pastors and friends.

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