Sometime ago I had a chat with a minister that shared his frustrations with me. “I can not produce sermons any-more” He told me.
Mmm..I guess we are not supposed to produce sermons I responded.
“How are we going to succeed than” “Churches are expecting us to come with something nice and powerful” he said in despair.
Preach what you live,I told him…and live what you preach..that is the way to bring life from God to others.
The life in the pulpit should not be any different than that of our daily life. This is true. As a minister I have been given the privilege and responsibility to influence many people every week and I only want to give them what I know works..approved in real life.
The pulpit on the picture is an old one in a Church in the South of Italy
I am not there today..I am right now at the airport in Frankfurt waiting for friends to take me to Mannheim where I will speak tonight.

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