Yesterday Roxette performed in London,at the same time the Swedish national team was defeated by the English team at Wembley Stadium. ..I am sure Roxette made a fantastic performance…well life is much more than football and music.
I am expecting a delivery from Ikea this morning..our family is growing and we need more beds.This Christmas we will have full house.
Ikea promised to be here 07:00 AM its 09:00..can’t be Swedish
Yesterday I met up with a youth pastor here in my home town.
It was very encouraging to meet a young man with a passion for the gospel and a vision to make a difference with his life. I recognised my self in him 20 years ago…well I have not changed a bit…rather more even more focused today. I have not given up my full trust and belief that the gospel is the power of God to Salvation for everyone that believes. Every week I see people come in to the Kingdom of God when preaching/sharing the wonderful Good news!! If we as a Church leave the simplicity of the Gospel and constantly seek new alternative “ways” to be understood and accepted by this World I think we fool ourselves. The Gospel will always represent a stumbling block in this World…does not give us the mandate to be stumbling blocks though…The Holy Spirit helps us to be absolutely normal and supernatural at the same time when we are willing to bring the Good news to this World.
Just had phone call from Ikea…they will be here within an hour…
Preparing for the events that will take place in Mannheim and Speyer this coming weekend. Expect God to move with His power.

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