31 years ago God spoke to me and called me to the nations. I remember my response and the way I felt that day. I was really scared…but determined to do what God called me to do. Today many years and miles later I have so far ministered in 60+ nations and we have seen fantastic things happened by His grace and to Jesus glory.
I was in Algeria the first time 10 years ago and since that time I have been here regularly..even if it has been difficult some time with Visa.
The Church here have grown to be the largest in North Africa with around 1000 members and new Churches being established regularly. It is a miracle. Every time I visit, minister in this place I know that I invest time and money in something that bear much fruit for eternity.
Mission for me is to reach out with the Gospel to people that have not heard..this can be in Middle East,North Africa,Europe or wherever God calls us to go. I believe that Matt 24:14 is more valid than ever. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all nations…cause you and I as Church will Obey what Jesus tells us in Matt28…All the World!!! Thank you for praying and if you support our ministry financially..a big thank you! We are a “faith-mission”…that means that God is our provider..and we are always blessed!!
This week I will be 3 days in UK and than I will take off again.

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