Sunday morning is Monday morning here in Algier.It used to be Saturday that is Monday ..but since some time back government have changed Friday to Saturday….so instead of Friday being Sunday now Saturday is Sunday.. I was out running early this morning here in the capital.It is not much traffic..pollution..and other things but I am addicted to running after more than 30 years…and I plan to keep that addiction.
Yesterday I met up with a brother that are starting cell groups here in Algiers.Its a tough job but he was happy for the few people he won so far.Algiers is such a challenge! Its wild,dangerous,impossible…exactly the place where Jesus loves to do miracles and build His Church.
I will be back.Yesterday after my last meeting in a town up in the mountain church was visited by uniformed persons that was asking for feels a bit like Romania 1987…but I had left no name and disappeared directly after we had prayed with 40 persons to receive is an adventure.

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