I am on my way to Tizi Ouzou where I will minister a few days. We will have leaders event and a couple of larger meetings. I have visited this region many times and I have good friends in the area.God is moving powerful with His spirit in this part of North Africa.
We need to pray and do whatever He calls us to do in those times of changes in this region. I have felt a strong urge in my spirit concerning
those still very much non reached areas and this trip is a response to that. Thank you for praying for us.
This last weekend we (Viv and myself) where in Crawley where I preached at KF Church. It was a good time and we where happy to see people receive Jesus for the first time. That is always such a joy.
Wherever the Spirit of God is moving ,people will come, even those that still not have experienced the miracle of salvation. Therefore it is important to always give people the opportunity to receive Jesus, in any Church service we have.

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