I had to take my car to the garage yesterday..again.The owner of the garage knows me and my old car well by now.When the car was repaired he smiled at me and said: see you next time..How much I owe you? ,I asked – nothing, he said. -I have learned the secret in business, if I am friendly and help people in need,I will always have money in my pocket…he continued.
This is not the first time he is “blessing” me. It happens over and over.
Derek is not a church goer but something with him and his behaviour challenges me as a Christian,big time.
This weekend I will minister in Crawley south west of London. I enjoy speaking in English Churches. I did last weekend as well. English Christian people are very friendly and relational. I appreciate that. Coming from Sweden I need to learn that more.
Next week I am off to Algeria…leaders event and larger meetings.I am looking forward to see friends there again.

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