This morning I left home early to arrive at Heathrow in time..suspected that the “strike” would affect even us departing UK today. I was so wrong though. Heathrow was so quite and it took me 2 minutes to pass through security check. I arrived in Zagreb some hours later. It is always a great joy […]


 I met up with a very good friend yesterday,Andy .We talked a long time about life and the Kingdom of God. One thing that we discussed was the existence or non existence of hell. This is a very hot issue among some pastors and priests today. Andy and I probably share the same view; It […]

Celebration in Speyer

 I arrived back early this morning. It was fog at Heathrow airport and many flights where canceled including mine from Frankfurt. It was a real fight until I finally could cross the border to UK.2-3000 passengers was standing, waiting to go through passport control with only two counters open… Thank God for “Iris-registration”.. Weekend in Mannheim and […]

Preach what you live!

 Sometime ago I had a chat with a minister that shared his frustrations with me. “I can not produce sermons any-more” He told me. Mmm..I guess we are not supposed to produce sermons I responded. “How are we going to succeed than” “Churches are expecting us to come with something nice and powerful” he said […]

Simplicity and power

 Yesterday Roxette performed in London,at the same time the Swedish national team was defeated by the English team at Wembley Stadium. ..I am sure Roxette made a fantastic performance…well life is much more than football and music. I am expecting a delivery from Ikea this morning..our family is growing and we need more beds.This Christmas […]


 31 years ago God spoke to me and called me to the nations. I remember my response and the way I felt that day. I was really scared…but determined to do what God called me to do. Today many years and miles later I have so far ministered in 60+ nations and we have seen […]


 Sunday morning is Monday morning here in Algier.It used to be Saturday that is Monday ..but since some time back government have changed Friday to Saturday….so instead of Friday being Sunday now Saturday is Sunday.. I was out running early this morning here in the capital.It is not much traffic..pollution..and other things but I am […]

Algeria day 3

 What a day! Have been preaching/ministering all day to many hundred(800-1000?) Algerian believers. It has been wonderful! Last meeting we prayed for hundreds of people with needs and the power of the Holy Spirit touched so many. I am also so blessed to see all of the young people here,on fire for Jesus so open […]


I visited this Mosque today. It used to be a Christian Church but today it is a Mosque.Islam have a strong grip over this nation.The Church network that we are involved in here is determined to make a difference.They want to see new churches planted in every town and village. It is a privilege to […]


I really like this big city. Up to 5 million people live here.People are very friendly and easy to connect with. It would be great to see a new Church grow up here. Fo the moment there are only a handful born again believers(known) and to my knowledge no living Church. That is a challenge indeed. […]