Yesterday i brought Rasmus to the Veterinary in town. It was time for him to get his own passport…..and get chip-marked and vaccinated. He is now officially named Rasmus Wedemalm…he he..
Tomorrow I am heading towards Hanover where I preach in the evening. Theme for that evening is: A life without fears”. I am looking forward to give that talk and also I am praying that many non-Christians will come. Hanover is a challenging city…and I love it.
Saturday I am ministering in Dusseldorf. A big city in the “Ruhrgebiet”.I think around 10 million people are living in this region and very few living Churches are there. I will speak in “New Life Church” Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and on Sunday morning I will speak in CCR/Duisburg. It will again be some intensive days but I believe that God’s grace is in me and will work through me.

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