I remember 1989 very well. Magdalena,our second daughter was born in July..what a joy! I was ministering a lot in Bulgaria,Romania,USSR, Czechoslovakia,DDR,Poland, Hungary,Yugoslavia..and I remember the feeling that something was about to happen. In November 1989 the wall in Berlin started to come down and a new era started in Europe. Personally it meant that suddenly we could preach the gospel in freedom allover Eastern Europe. I preached on stadiums, town squares, Universities, Theatres,Cinema halls,Night Clubs,Restaurants…wherever we could find a venue we took it and preached the good news about Jesus. Today 22 years later a lot of things have changed. Europe is different. Communism is dead and will never become a serious threat here again. I was out early this morning running in Berlin where I am ministering for the moment. I was surprised to see all those Muslims..women young and old with head covers..it felt more like Algiers than a European capital. New challenges…but the same faith and power of THS will again win the battle of Europe. Europe is a Christian Continent!!Tonight I will proclaim the full Gospel here in Berlin. Tomorrow early I fly out to Marseilles, a large city with more than 30% Muslims.I love them and want to give them the best. Jesus!!

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