Its Friday evening and this weekend I am free..only one until Christmas and I will do the most of it. Joel and Carolina will visit us this weekend and will arrive late tonight. We will celebrate Joel’s 25 anniversary tomorrow… Today Ramiz Alia died. He was the last Communist dictator in Albania. I never met him personally but I met his closest ministers in the old government. They opened up the door for us 1991 to preach the gospel to the entire nation. Ramiz Alia was not very happy about it and called the National TV director in the middle of the livebroadcasting of our meeting on the football stadium in Tirana and commanded him to cut off the broadcast…. The TV director refused and the broadcast went on for 2 hrs and reached the entire Albania. A breakthrough indeed!! The TV director got fired but one year later Ramiz Alia lost his job and Communism was forever gone in Albania. Ramiz Alia was 85 years old when he died. I am sure with a lot of regrets. Lets live our lives and make the right choices so that when we reach 85 we can look back on our lives without regrets. May Ramiz Alia rest in peace.

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