I really enjoyed visiting “Goteborgskyrkan” again. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden,a beautiful place located on the West Coast of Sweden. It used to be a typical “working class” city like Liverpool,Manchester used to be but today things are different.I always liked Gothenburg.People are very friendly and open.The Church where I ministered is pretty young but gather today more than 300 people.I estimate 50% or so are below 25 yrs old. The worship this time was really cool…rock’n roll big time. A bit “Status Quo” with christian lyric’s…for me no problem and the people in Church loved it. We saw people saved and many where touched by God’s healing power. My sister;Ingrid with family are very active in that Church and Ingrid told us yesterday about amazing miracled that she have seen recently… a woman suffering from severe schizophrenia got totally healed through the ministry of my sister. I love to hear stories like that. Today I have been trying to do office work…talked to Croatia,Italy,Germany,England,Albania,Algeria and Sweden…some exciting events are coming up!!

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