Freezing cold this morning

Freezing cold this morning….I had to catch an early train in order to reach airport in time. Gaddafi is dead….everywhere I read and hear that news..Obama congratulate the Libyan people…Gaddafi was kicked, stamped and shot and was finally executed inside the ambulance… Gaddafi was not a good man and like so many other leaders he was corrupted […]

Rasmus Wedemalm

Yesterday i brought Rasmus to the Veterinary in town. It was time for him to get his own passport…..and get chip-marked and vaccinated. He is now officially named Rasmus Wedemalm…he he.. Tomorrow I am heading towards Hanover where I preach in the evening. Theme for that evening is: A life without fears”. I am looking forward […]


I had a really good time in Marseilles .The Conference worked very well and most important God’s power and presence was there touching many people. Myself and Luc Favre,a good friend from France was the main speakers. We saw people saved both on Saturday and Sunday and I heard testimonies about healing as well. Marseilles […]

The wall came down

 I remember 1989 very well. Magdalena,our second daughter was born in July..what a joy! I was ministering a lot in Bulgaria,Romania,USSR, Czechoslovakia,DDR,Poland, Hungary,Yugoslavia..and I remember the feeling that something was about to happen. In November 1989 the wall in Berlin started to come down and a new era started in Europe. Personally it meant that […]


It was freezing cold this morning. Rasmus,our cat was not to happy when I lovingly throw him out in to the garden. I am now on my way to Berlin where I will minister until Friday night. 9 churches are arranging a Conference and I am one of the main speaker. That will be great. From […]

Ramiz Alia

Its Friday evening and this weekend I am free..only one until Christmas and I will do the most of it. Joel and Carolina will visit us this weekend and will arrive late tonight. We will celebrate Joel’s 25 anniversary tomorrow… Today Ramiz Alia died. He was the last Communist dictator in Albania. I never met him […]


Been talking leadership again.From a Christian view leadership is a challenge…cause we have Jesus as our ultimate example. He is the leader and He laid down His life for us…without knowing whether He would get anything back…vow…that is a challenge indeed… I like this quote concerning the topic “True leadership must be for the benefit […]


I really enjoyed visiting “Goteborgskyrkan” again. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden,a beautiful place located on the West Coast of Sweden. It used to be a typical “working class” city like Liverpool,Manchester used to be but today things are different.I always liked Gothenburg.People are very friendly and open.The Church where I ministered is […]