Yesterday I had a few hours off and went with Vivianne to find some gifts for Celine,our grand daughter that will be 1 year old tomorrow Saturday. Viv said that Celine wanted to have wellies size 19…I spent several hours running around in various shops asking for wellies that size. Everyone explained for me that children with such a small feet do not need wellies..cause they can not walk..but Celine can! Vivianne was laughing at me when she saw my devotion to find those wellies…”you never did that when our own kids where small…” Well I probably did not even gave a thought about wellies at that time…things have changed and I guess me to. Being a grandfather is different but very enjoyable.. This weekend we are visiting Stockholm/Sweden. I will minister in a church: Sodertaljekyrkan and we will also celebrate Celine. The whole “clan” will gather and I am sure we will have a good time.

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