Switzerland voted “no” to building of more minarets last year and the EU and of  course the Arab states shouted “Racist-state” really loud and clear..today its quiet and Switzerland won the battle of democracy.More than 60% voted no. I can not help but admire the strength that the people here possess and uses.In Sweden they have just discovered that an Imam from Somalia now resident in Sweden have been openly suggesting in his sermons that Muslims that convert to Christianity in Sweden should be killed and even those that convert them should be punished. He have had the courage to preach this sermon on Swedish state supported radio and no one moved a finger until last week…whent some courages Christian journalists dared to say anything. My suggestion is that this Imam should have been deported back to Somalia yesterday and should have been suggested to pay his own one-way ticket from his own pocket and be banned to enter Sweden ever again…but I suspect that he will be protected and taken care of by the Swedish authority…am I a racist? No way..I am preaching here until tomorrow and leave for London late evening.

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