This picture is of me 30 years ago….I was 20 and life was very different back than. I was doing my civil service in the Swedish Army back than. One year earlier I had made a decision that would change my destiny forever. I responded yes Sir! to Jesus when He called me in to ministry. I now shared an apartment with a guy named :Goran Hagglund. He is now the leader for the KristDemokraterna and the Social Minister in the Swedish Government. I remember that those days I made another decision to run regularly and keep myself fit. Ever since that time I have been a least every second day and I convinced Goran Hagglund to do the same and what I know he still keep the good habit. I also met Vivianne the love of my life during that year..1981…a woman that I love more than ever. I decided to spend the rest of my life together with her.
Today 30 years later I can look back to those days without regret realizing that my choices was good and is still keeping me going strong and fruitful in my life.Ok…without His grace nothing would have worked out…so I am forever thankful to Jesus.
Rome last weekend was great…I can’t help but falling in love with that city over and over again.So great to see a good bunch of new people receive Jesus even on our last meeting Sunday night when I spoke about “Wholeness in Jesus”. This coming weekend I am off to Reinach outside Zurich in Switzerland.

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