Rome is a fascinating city in many ways. Every time I am visiting here I start the morning with a run in the city. For me it is the way to see all those fantastic buildings , the ancient streets and to experience the atmosphere in the City. I preach here for 3 days. Last night I was speaking “Life in balance” understand what the Bible teaches about:Spirit,Souls and Body. Interesting subject indeed to talk about in Rome. We where happy to see new people come to know the Lord last night. Weather is nice here +30 and sun.Between meetings I spend much time with my friends :Angelo&Alessia.They pastor the church here and they do a good job.
Spiritually Rome is a bit like Jerusalem…very confusing and messy.
I guess we can call it “religious spirit’s”….and expression that many times are misused describing things that we don’t like… The love and grace of God is here as well…in a much greater and powerful way longing to reach all the millions of Romans living here..that’s why we are here. Today I will talk about “Wholeness in Jesus” looking forward to that.

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