Some thoughts about Church

When I visited Switzerland some week ago I spoke with some friends and leaders and the topic was Church.Today the word Church represent different things for different people. Some just frown when they hear the word…some, like in Italy looks very bored..and some just don’t have a clue..and some think they know it all..the latest […]

Stockholm and Algeria

 Just returned back from some intensive days in Stockholm.I was invited to speak in a Church in Sodertalje, just south of Stockholm.We had a good time there. Celine, my grand daughter was “blessed” there (dedicated) on Sunday as well. Wonderful meeting! On Monday I spent some time in the Algerian Embassy in Stockholm. Algeria seems to […]


Yesterday I had a few hours off and went with Vivianne to find some gifts for Celine,our grand daughter that will be 1 year old tomorrow Saturday. Viv said that Celine wanted to have wellies size 19…I spent several hours running around in various shops asking for wellies that size. Everyone explained for me that […]


Rome is a fascinating city in many ways. Every time I am visiting here I start the morning with a run in the city. For me it is the way to see all those fantastic buildings , the ancient streets and to experience the atmosphere in the City. I preach here for 3 days. Last […]

Family party

Vivianne had arranged a party for all family last Saturday. We had a really good time and I enjoyed the day big time. Its fantastic with family. All our kids and spouse, fiancées was present together with the “larger family” in total 50 people. 50 is the year of Jubilee…I like that. This week I am […]