On Sunday 4/9 I will turn 50!!
Mamma Mia….that feels a bit odd to be honest. When I was 20 I thought that the rapture would have happened long time before I turned 50……I am thankful to God though for those 50 years. I have a fantastic family that I love to the bits and that love grow stronger and stronger. Already 2 grandchildren by the age of 49….. I enjoy the ministry and life around it.So far the Gospel have taken me to 60 nations and God is and have always been faithful.It is a privilege to see His hand in action upon our lives year after year. I have a rich and meaningful life indeed. I believe that the years ahead will be even better since the Word says we will go from glory to glory!!!

2 thoughts on “50 year…..

  1. Encouraging to hear!
    There is only one way to live and you have chosen His best.
    Look forward to hear of the great adventures in upcoming years – so much more in store!


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