I have just finished last meeting in our “Bavaria-tour”. I started last Thursday and ministered in Ulm(on the Bavarian side). We had a good time, it was my first visit to that Church. Pastors couple have had me as Bible School teacher many years ago and it was great to meet them. Danube is passing through Ulm. I have a special love to that river.From Ulm we went to Weilheim in the south of Bavaria. A couple of Churches had come together for a meeting and we had a good time. Jesus was saving,healing and baptising in The Holy Spirit! What more can you ask!! From there we went to Deggersdorf and I ministered 2 meetings in a Church led by a friend that used to lead a Church in Kaiserlautern. We had a good time there as well. Danube is running through Deggersdorf as well…Today I have been ministering in Munich/Gospel Centre.I like this church alot. Much people and great leadership.I have been here quite a few times and I feel at home. Today many people also received Jesus as Lord and Saviour…well not hundreds but around 10 which is many in Germany. Praise Jesus. I met a couple that I ministered to last time I was here that could not have children. They came and showed me little David!! A miracle Baby. Praise to Jesus!! Bavaria is a nation within Germany. People are very friendly and I think very open to God. I am happy for what God did during the days here and as always new doors have opened up for more work to be done when possible. Tomorrow I leave for Copenhagen and from there to our summerhouse.

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