Me and Vivianne was cleaning up an old Pentecostal Church building the other day. I will not tell you the full story why we did it but I want to share some reflection from that day. I read the history from that church and it was impressive indeed.Located in a smaller village it had a large influence especially among the young generation. They had a lot of activities for all age groups and it seems like more or less every young person in the village had some connection with the Church.30-40 years ago they extended the building and more chairs where older lady told me about that time..”We all had a vision and dream for our church and village”…but today we meet 5-6 old people once a month for a service. Everything have faded away… That is a bit depressing…how can that be?So much prayer and so much sacrifices of time,effort and money…in vain? No…whatever we do for Him is never in vain.We sow and sometimes someone else will reap the harvest.I am sure that what this Church have planted in to the lives of those young people over the years have already resulted in a beautiful harvest.The Kingdom of God is different from the system of this World where we only measure success by visible quick Gods Kingdom every act,deed of faith and love counts for eternity! Lets continue to sow and work by faith and believe God for an great eternal harvest!

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