Yesterday I met a very good pastor and friend. We had a long breakfast together and our conversation was centred around the important things in life: family, Jesus, people and church.
He told me many examples of people he is contact with “out there” that have no connection to what we call “Church” but still are so open and hungry for the gospel. I told him similar stuff and we came to a conclusion that we really need to do our best to bring Jesus outside the “walls” of the church. Europe is open for the gospel. The door is open…I love old big doors…like the one on the picture above. God have opened up the doors in to Europe.We as the Church need to see to that we keep that door open and that we walk through that door.No one can shut the door but we can behave and pretend as though it is closed.A few days from now I am leaving for a tour in Germany, I will minister in: Ulm,Weilheim,Deggendorf and Munich. You can check details on my German website:
Germany is the most populated nation in Europe and is in a desperate need of the gospel!

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