50 year…..

On Sunday 4/9 I will turn 50!! Mamma Mia….that feels a bit odd to be honest. When I was 20 I thought that the rapture would have happened long time before I turned 50……I am thankful to God though for those 50 years. I have a fantastic family that I love to the bits and […]

Bavaria tour

I have just finished last meeting in our “Bavaria-tour”. I started last Thursday and ministered in Ulm(on the Bavarian side). We had a good time, it was my first visit to that Church. Pastors couple have had me as Bible School teacher many years ago and it was great to meet them. Danube is passing through Ulm. […]

Germany tour

Today I have been in Stockholm all day. I visited Algerian embassy,met up with my friend Dan Lindau,met my daughter Deborah,my daughter Magdalena with Marcus(engaged since some weeks)and my son Joel with Carolina(engaged since some month’s)A good day indeed.Tomorrow early I am leaving for Stuttgart and I will be busy preaching the Word of God […]

Cleaning up….

Me and Vivianne was cleaning up an old Pentecostal Church building the other day. I will not tell you the full story why we did it but I want to share some reflection from that day. I read the history from that church and it was impressive indeed.Located in a smaller village it had a […]

Europe is open for the gospel

Yesterday I met a very good pastor and friend. We had a long breakfast together and our conversation was centred around the important things in life: family, Jesus, people and church. He told me many examples of people he is contact with “out there” that have no connection to what we call “Church” but still […]