The “crime against humanity” committed by the blond Norwegian mass murderer really chocked and made me feel really sad. How can one person be that evil?
Some journalists are claiming that the murderer is a Christian..I am sure he is not. Why are people evil?Yesterday I was talking to an older Christian person that mentioned one man in their small pentecostal church and said that : this man is evil…he has been treating his children so bad so now they want to stay as far away from Church as possible.Why are people evil? The Bible says that everyone is evil and that even followers of Jesus can be evil…Jesus is always referring to the way people treat others. To be Christian does not automatically make you a good person…but it gives you the power to choose to do good. Sometimes “Church structures” and our organised religion causes Christian to behave “evil”…even leaders like myself can sometimes do and say bad stuff..thinking we are right and that “they are wrong”…Jesus is only good and never did evil and will never do evil..lets follow Him!! This coming weekend “Faith Camp” is coming up.It will be another fantastic week together with God and thousands of believers…good people. I will minister during the week and I am prepared to give something powerful from Jesus.

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