Faith 11

This is a part of my family on a picnic some days ago in a beautiful place in the south of Sweden called “Skuruhatt”. Magdalena and Marcus are now engaged..happened in Israel last week. I am happy. I’ve just arrived to Orton Hall hotel in Peterborough a few hours ago.Have had a few hours by […]

Evil People….

The “crime against humanity” committed by the blond Norwegian mass murderer really chocked and made me feel really sad. How can one person be that evil? Some journalists are claiming that the murderer is a Christian..I am sure he is not. Why are people evil?Yesterday I was talking to an older Christian person that mentioned […]

Give and be happy!

I have had some busy good weeks behind me and today I have finally time to do some “office-work”.Time is moving so fast and suddenly we are in the middle of the summer. I had a conversation with a dear brother some days ago and he asked me some tricky question…like: why are so many […]