I am delayed on a train and a bit upset…so I decided to write about something that seriously made me upset recently…
A few days ago I listened to a teaching cd and was asked to give my opinion about its content. It was a message about Church leadership and the problem with “rebellion” among the members in the church. It was one of the worst messages I ever heard about the subject. The minister propagated “blind obedience” to ensure that you are not in rebellion. I am really surprised that teaching like this is still around.This time in my old home country.. I remember in the beginning of the 80:s when I had some contact with the “Disciple movement” (heavy shepherding) where I was told to submit to everything my leader told me… I did not stay around very long time. To question and test what is being presented by any leader/pastor/apostle/bishop/pope is a Biblical thing to do. We are to test everything and to keep what is good.
The word rebellion is so misused among leaders and used as a way to keep the control on what they think is “their” members.  Sometimes I think that when someone is repeating the same message over and over again it is a sign that he has an issue himself. You are not anyone’s member… you belong to Christ and are to submit to Him first of all.  I am aware of that there is another side of this subject and will touch that another time. Have a blessed Midsummer!!

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