We have just finished our last meeting here in Modena.I am a bit tired but at the same time refreshed.When we arrived 12 days ago I was in a pretty poor shape physically but now I am much stronger.It has been very good days indeed and we have ministered from the southern part all the way up to the north. This weekend groups from Rome,Sienna,Rimini,Bologna,Turin,San Remo and other places attended.We had a blessed and powerful time together.Last night Magdalena,my daughter was sharing on the meeting.It was really great to listen to her…she is anointed by God. We are both full of new impressions and Italy definitely have a place in our heart. Tomorrow I will go to our summerhouse in Sweden where Vivianne,Rebecka,Noah and Celine is waiting…well I am waiting to see them alot.Magdalena will fly to Stockholm.

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