We have had some wonderful days in Italy so far.We arrived in Bologna last Thursday and drove directly 1000 km south in the most southern part of the “heel” of Italy. The church there had prepared meetings in a “castello” looked like a castle and meetings where held in the courtyard. It was wonderful to find out that more than 100 refugees from Libya just had arrived and stayed in a kind of B&B connected to the Castello. On the first meeting approx. 30 of the refugees received Jesus together with some Italians!! I could not visit Libya some weeks ago due to the current situation but now the Libyans came to south of Italy!!!We had some wonderful meetings in that place and God healed many and on the last meeting a strong prophetic anointing was released and people where touched by His presence. We visited some strategic places in the south as well during our stay and God spoke to us about future plans….Yesterday we had a strategic meeting in Ancona where people from Ancona,Fano and Rimini gathered together. It was a great evening and God spoke very clear and many met God even for healing. Today we spent the day praying and making plans for a larger event next year in Ancona…something that I have strong in my heart. Ancona is a strategic harbour city with very few born again believers. I will keep you updated on that project. Tomorrow I will preach in Bologna and Saturday-Sunday in Modena. On Monday we will go back home. It is great to be together with Magdalena our daughter in this mission and I enjoy the time. My health is better. It has taken time to regain strength but soon I will be in normal shape…praise Jesus.

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  1. Hi,
    Where are you ministering in Italy?
    I am back in Rome mid September for a conference.

    Bengt W

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