Swedish summer is something outstanding when the weather is fine. I will have a few days holiday this week and enjoy grandchildren and children and Vivianne in Stockholm. Today we are in our summerhouse, sun is shining,grass is growing and life is fine.Celine my grand daughter is on the picture. I am so thankful to […]


I am delayed on a train and a bit upset…so I decided to write about something that seriously made me upset recently… A few days ago I listened to a teaching cd and was asked to give my opinion about its content. It was a message about Church leadership and the problem with “rebellion” among […]

Ministering in Germany

I am now on my way from Heidelberg to London via Frankfurt airport.Flight is leaving later this evening. We have had an intensive weekend in Germany. Dan Lindau my good friend from Sweden came along this time and he ministered together with me. We started Friday night in a church in Bietgheim Bissingen(?) and we […]


We have just finished our last meeting here in Modena.I am a bit tired but at the same time refreshed.When we arrived 12 days ago I was in a pretty poor shape physically but now I am much stronger.It has been very good days indeed and we have ministered from the southern part all the […]

Italy update

We have had some wonderful days in Italy so far.We arrived in Bologna last Thursday and drove directly 1000 km south in the most southern part of the “heel” of Italy. The church there had prepared meetings in a “castello” looked like a castle and meetings where held in the courtyard. It was wonderful to […]