This is my 4th day in hospital. It is the first time in my life where I have not been allowed to do anything. It has been frustrating yes, but we also learn new things all the time. I am getting better and probably I can leave for home tomorrow or even later tonight. Yesterday a new guy moved in to my room,Roger. I started talking to him and realised that he is working at the same place where I was part time working…in between missions 29 years ago. A christian brother Gunnar helped me to get work at that place. At that time it was a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics. Today it is an institution a kind of Drug rehab. Roger have been an alcoholic himself for many years but had a very powerful meeting with God a few years ago. Today he is aware of a calling that God have given him. Gunnar the christian brother helped him to get a job at the same place as I but 29years ago. I am sure he recognised the gift in this brother. The hospital/Rehab center: Hessleby Sjukhus used to be TB hospital 100 years ago, as picture.

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