The tornado never manifested here…praise God. I had a good run this morning and even if it is still +30C it was great.My new friend William(on picture) will take me for lunch today and later take me to another church where I will minister tonight. William got saved in Germany through some guys that I am in connection with. This world is small. He is married to a German woman and speaks German
and he have a dream to pastor in Germany.
US is very different and even if I have been here a few times before I still get surprised by some of the things I see. On the opposite side of my hotel a large Church building is located. The pastor is driving his own Rolls Royce when arriving at his office…he he…would be something for UK.

One thought on “Pastor with Rolls Royce

  1. Dear one in christ,
    Greetings in the name of jesus.Am josephpaul sending
    message from india.For every year we are conducting pastral conference
    in our place india the state of andrapradesh.When we pray the lord has
    inspired me to call you and your family.That is what we decided to
    call you.i do not know you are busy or come to our place.please send
    a mail.we are praying for your arrival.Please think this is work of
    God in india.By the grace of God we are happy to invite you,but chance
    is in your hand.plaes participate with us.


    Josephpaul from southindia

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