Chicago is a huge city.They say 10 million people are living in large Chicago.I enjoy being here. Have had good meetings and met some really nice people.I stay in a hotel in a suburbs and I am well taken care of.US have a very different Church culture compared with Europe. Here I see Churches in every street corner all with different names …some really odd names.Still Chicago have one of the highest crime rate in the World with more murders every day than in any other city.My feeling is that many churches are not really reality based but instead live their own culture separated from society. On the other hand I have already come across some really devoted Jesus loving guys with a heart to reach the lost and transform the society.Jet lag have left me and I am now full of energy and appetite to see and learn and give what I am here to give.I did contact my relatives and we will meet some days from now.That will be very interesting.

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