Today I am preparing for a longer ministry trip to Italy. Magdalena my daughter will go with me. I am still a bit weak and tired but things are going the right direction and doctor have agreed with me that it is ok to go. We will start in the south of Italy and go […]

Thoughts about leadership

Leadership? I have been involved in church and church leadership a lot the last 25+ years. And over the years I have come across a lot of different type of teaching, especially regarding leadership. In my early years I was involved in an organisation that taught that the leader and his word was Gods word for […]

29 years later

This is my 4th day in hospital. It is the first time in my life where I have not been allowed to do anything. It has been frustrating yes, but we also learn new things all the time. I am getting better and probably I can leave for home tomorrow or even later tonight. Yesterday […]

By His stripes I am healed

I have been hospitalised since Saturday night. I was taken in to the emergency unit here in Eksjo Sjukhus. Stomach problem, pretty serious. It is not my favourite place to be. It is very frustrating but on the other hand I really appreciate people working here. Hopefully I will only have to spend a couple […]

05:00 AM in a lounge at Heathrow

I arrived to Heathrow 05:00 this morning after a long flight from Chicago. Thanks to Barclays Bank I am invited to the Business lounge here.  I am tired…but it feels good to be on my way to meet Vivianne again. She is in our summerhouse in Sweden. I will be there tonight. Before I left Chicago […]

Last day in Chicago

Today I visited another Church here in Chicago.We had a great meeting! I enjoy speaking to people here. This evening I met up with some of my relatives. It was really good time. Lovely people and it was very interesting to learn to know their life story. Tomorrow afternoon I will leave from Chicago to […]

A long meeting at the 119th street

Last night I ministered in a Church at the 119th street here in Chicago. Its an area where you avoid walking alone on the streets. There are many streets in the Chicago region like this. Streets with to much violence and with the highest murder rate in the World. We had a wonderful meeting though.Many […]

Pastor with Rolls Royce

The tornado never manifested here…praise God. I had a good run this morning and even if it is still +30C it was great.My new friend William(on picture) will take me for lunch today and later take me to another church where I will minister tonight. William got saved in Germany through some guys that I […]

Swedish impact in Chicago

Today some friends took me down town Chicago. The city has so many skyscrapers.I learned to know that one of my relatives worked as a painter and maintainer in the first skyscraper in the city. He spent his all life doing that job.Once he had reached the top of the building it was time to […]


Chicago is a huge city.They say 10 million people are living in large Chicago.I enjoy being here. Have had good meetings and met some really nice people.I stay in a hotel in a suburbs and I am well taken care of.US have a very different Church culture compared with Europe. Here I see Churches in […]