Relevant message!!

I was reading Ulf Ekman’s Blog today and must say it was good indeed. He used an expression: Content is King…which I liked and gave me something to think about. Last night I was talking about :”learning to live from the source in our heart”. A description how u and I as Christians can live. […]


I have arrived to Switzerland. Staying with a dear couple in a town called “St Ursanne”. It is a beautiful place. Tonight meetings starts. I will be here until Sunday. I read some articles about the “burning of the Quran” that took place in a small Pentecostal Church in US and that have resulted in […]

At home is a great place to be

I am home in Fleet today. Its the only day for sometime but I make the most of it. Working in the garden in the morning..great our car..and than off to the gym..and this afternoon I will go for a shopping spree with Vivianne. I hate shopping but loves to be with her. 05:00 […]

Busy weekend in Germany

Elim Church I have just arrived back from Germany. We have had some busy good days. On Friday I ministered in a church in Bega..a small town not far away from Hanover. This church have many young people and are very open for the things of God. On Saturday we had a day conference in […]