Have had a fantastic Easter together with Vivianne, Deborah, Magdalena & Markus. The weather here in UK have been outstanding…sun,sun and more sun. Today I have been doing officework and I also been preparing for the seminar I will have at Kingdom Faith Bible College beginning Wednesday this week. It is always a great joy to minister at Kingdom Faith. I consider them as really close friends and I do appreciate Colin U,Clive U and the rest of pastors and leaders a lot. I have had close links with them for many years now.This summer I will speak at Faith Camp again a great Conference that gathers thousands of people from all over UK and Europe.
Next week we will go to Sweden and from there I will go to Chicago where I will minister a few days.From there I will be busy until July ministering in various places in Europe.
Life together with Jesus is not a mediocre life. It is life with action,adventure and much joy….and a healthy dose of challenges. Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly….available to all of us. Great news!!

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